Web Design

Looking for a website design and build unique to your business? My custom websites I built entirely from scratch and are built specific to your business. I design around your brand, and work with you extensively on page layout, call to actions, and providing you with the functionality you need.
  • Project Consulting

    I spearhead the entire build of your site and walk you through the entire process including a timeline with outlined phases and responsibilities.
  • Site Strategy

    I will discuss with you your overall goals for the website and base the layout, design, and strategy on this.
  • Custom Site Map

    I will discuss and decide upon a site map that best suits your needs.
  • Custom Design

    I will custom design the overall look and feel of your website, then design each page of your website specific to the message you are looking to send.
  • Website Build

    I will custom build your website in the CMS. If you need specific functionality for your website, we can build that too.
  • Training

    I include 3 hour of training on the CMS to show you how to use it, and to answer any questions you may have.
Igor Generalov

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