About Me

Hi, Guys!

My name is Igor Generalov and I am the founder of General™ Production. I work as a graphic designer, editing director, film and show producer & traveling the world. On this website you will find my personal graphic design portfolio (My design services are currently available for hire), as well as a my blog from the my work & my traveling.

The Background

Filmmaker, photographer, editing director, producer and designer.

Creative producer of international projects «Formula Drift. Russia» and «Eastern European Championship of Stuntriding"

I work with commercials and documentaries films - more than 100 as a writer, director, cameraman.

  • "Hedgehog" - Editing director
  • Tizer "Shoes" (2011 Cannes Film Festival participants and gathered a lot of first prizes at various international festivals) - Editing director
  • "Caution Children" (CTC) - Editing director 

In my portfolio more then 30 of entertainment events to the number of viewers from 1000 to 30 000 - as an author, director or producer.

I'm studied at the Realtime school (MAYA),
British Higher School of Design (Interior Design and the Environment),
The Sankt-Petersburg University of Cinematography (cameraman).

I have sertificate Final Cut Pro and continuously learning to grow my professional skills and stay abreast with current trends of modern filmmaking.


  1. Passionate (I absolutely love what I do)
  2. Enthusiastic (I want to learn)
  3. Sceptical (I think critically)
  4. Focused (I have the right attitude)

I also love to travel and have had the pleasure of exploring Russia, Europe, USA and other countries so far of which I living, working, and studying.
You can follow more of my travel adventures and my life on my blog.

Generalov Igor

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