Eastern Sierra

Eastern Sierra


All Levels Of Photographers Welcome

Photographers of all skill levels join our tours. If you're new to photography, we are always available to answer questions, teach new techniques and help you improve your photographic skills. If you have a lot of experience photographing, we'll make sure you get to the best locations at the best times for extraordinary photo opportunities!

Travel With Professional Photographers

Tour leaders can make the difference between a good trip and a great trip. Our photo tour leaders set a high bar when it comes to making sure every participant has outstanding photo opportunities and they can answer your photography questions about composition, exposure, lens choice, etc.

We Do The Work, You Enjoy The Photography

There are many reasons to join a photo tour but one of the best reasons is that we do the logistical work so you can simply focus on your photography. Our team is highly skilled in handling all the details required to run our tours so you don't have to do anything other than show up and shoot to your heart's content!

Fan Photos from Photo/Video Safaris

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2017-03-30-Castle 116
05-04 120
IMG 1119
IMG 0234
IMG 1108
2015-08-14 27
Sierra-2017-Alabama 61
Sierra-2017-Alabama 64
2015-08-15 jump 03
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IMG 0345
2015-08-16 001 18
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2017-04-07-joshuaTree 59
oleg-hrabry 09
2017-04-16-RedBullAir 20
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2015-08-15 109
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2017-03-30-San-Francisco 106

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